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Almco is Your State-of-the-Art Manufacturer

of Industrial Deburring, Parts Washing, Metal Finishing
and Additive Manufacturing Post Process Equipment.

U Bend

Almco is 100% Employee Owned.

Our personalized service and knowledgeable staff consistently provide innovative
solutions that drive performance for our customers

U Bend

From our standard equipment to our custom engineered designs,

Almco's Science of Finishing is at-your-service
to satisfy each and every customer need.

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507 West Front Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007

Phone: 507-377-2102 or 800-521-2740

FAX: 507-377-0451




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With over 70 years in the vibratory deburring and metal finishing industry, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing comprehensive product lines and service at competitive prices.




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About Almco

Selection of a vendor knowledgeable in the vibratory deburring and metal finishing industry that offers a wide range of equipment types is critical to achieving your finishing goals in the most efficient manner. ALMCO employs a complete laboratory with qualified staff to sample-process your parts, backed by the concept to finished product engineering and manufacturing capabilities of parent company Innovance, Inc.

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About Almco


Almco machines are made in the USA and used to finish a wide variety of parts in many different industries worldwide. Here are some examples of areas our machines have excelled in; automotive, aerospace, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, transmissions, ammunition, firearms, cookware, hardware, fasteners, commercial product parts, stampings, castings, screw machine parts, additive manufacturing parts and whatever we can do for you next!



Almco manufactures both custom and stock machines to match our customer needs with the best possible solution. Our vibratory deburring bowls, vibratory deburring tubs, spindle finishing machines, Sutton spindle machines, tumbling barrels, polishing machines and disc finishers will solve any finishing need you may have. Our through-feed systems, screeners, conveyors, hoppers and material handling systems will help you get work done faster. We also provide parts washing and drying systems in custom combinations (including inline, u-bend, drum-type, agitation, spray cabinet, turntable and shuttle) for just about any size part you need clean. Let us find your solution today!


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