Almco agitation washers are designed to remove chips, dirt, oil and other contaminants from parts by moving them through the cleaning solution in an up-and-down motion for a set period of time. Almco’s versatile line of agitation washers are full featured yet compact in design, making them perfect for manufacturing cells. A simple push of the cycle start button will simultaneously lower your work pieces into the solution and automatically close the tank lid to initiate the cleaning cycle. When the cycle is complete, the lid opens and your cleaned work pieces rise up out of the solution.

Available Features:
  • Multiple process stages including wash, rinse, rust inhibit, and blow-off
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Electric, gas or steam heat in tanks
  • Air cylinder and/or gearmotor-driven product carrier mechanisms
  • Stainless steel bag filtration units
  • Oil skimmer




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