ST4 sizedST-4 Sedimment Tanks

Four-Stage Recirculatory Sediment Tank

Almco’s Model ST-4 Recirculatory Sediment Tank is an economical and effective way to filter liquid finishing solutions from any operation.  It’s designed to receive water-based effluent from vibratory, spindle and other metal finishing machines.  The inside of the tank includes three parallel baffles that create four cascading tank compartments.  Fluid entering the tank cascades from compartment to compartment, allowing solids to settle out of the liquid prior to the liquid going to drain or back to the machine.

Available Options:

  • Pump
  • Pump with Bag Filter Housing*
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Caster Wheels
  • Quick-disconnect Fittings


Model No. Tank Capacity
Optional Recirculatory

Tank Measurements
(does not
include options)

ST-4-50 50 Gallons 1 HP 48.21"x26.65"x12.76"
ST-4-100 100 Gallons 2 HP 60.21"x39.21"x13.43"
ST-4-200 200 Gallons 2 HP 110.27"x34.25"x17.63"

* The bag filter housing holds one filter bag rated at 50 microns (other micron ratings available).  It’s mounted to a platform welded to the end of the tank.