The Spindle Series machines are the perfect solution for precision finishing and de-burring of complex or high value parts up to 30" in diameter. And because of the tremendous force generated, these machines have the ability to finish up to 480 pieces per hour.

Features include:

  • Spring (or optional Hydraulic) work holding of parts.
  • Variable speed tub featuring a perforated drain section for the removal of liquid sludge from the media mass.
  • Spray system (with optional Flow Meters) for delivering water and compound to the rotating media mass in the processing tub.
  • Repeatable load and process positions allow for easy integration with robotic production lines.
  • Easy to use operator touch screen controls (standard on “RA” models only).
  • Optional “RA” feature provides hydraulic rotary actuating spindle heads to allow multiple position angles to maintain uniform coverage of all part surfaces during processing and eases of loading and unloading by an operator.
  • Optional robot interface for robot loading and unloading (“RA” models only).
  • Optional part orientation for robot loading and unloading of parts (“RA” models only).
  • Optional sliding door sound hood and safety package.
  • Optional custom designed part holding tooling per application.


Model Number of
Part Diameter
Tub Speed
L x W x H
S2-30 2 30" 2.5" 2000 SFM 5HP   55"x38"x55" *
2SF-36 2 36" 6" 1000 SFM  7.5HP 112"x56"x65" 
2SF-48 2 48" 16" 900 SFM 10HP   120"x64"x65" *
2SF-48RA 2 48" 16" 900 SFM 10HP  120"x75"x65" *
2SF-48DRA 2 48" 8.5 900 SFM 20HP 120"x75"x75" *
3SF-72 3 72"  16"  900 SFM   10HP 137"x108"x68" *
1SF-48 1  48" 30"   950 SFM  15HP 92"x123"x93" *

* Dimensions do not include the main electrical enclosure.