Liquid cleaning compounds for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.



Phosphate-Free BIODEGRADABLE versatile series of cleaners, burnishing and rust inhibiting compounds designed to be used in vibratory, spindle, parts washing and barrel finishing equipment. These high yield com- pounds meet all applicable EPA codes. Whether used in barrel, spindle or vibratory finishing equipment they provide better finishes in less time than competitive products.



As the recognized leader in finishing equipment, supplies and service, ALMCO knows your finishing needs. Through our laboratory studies we are able to determine the most cost effective solutions to fit your finishing requirements.


ALMCO’s Commitment

  • Provide the largest most reliable line of industrial deburring and finishing machines.
  • Provide efficient material handling systems to fit your process.
  • Provide the most comprehensive selection of compounds and media for virtually any job.
  • Provide “respect for the environment” formulations. • Provide trained professional technical service in a timely fashion.


— Over half a century ALMCO sales engineers are experts on vibratory equipment, spindle machines, barrel equipment, material handling systems, parts washers, custom design systems, media, compounds, and most important, the correct processing for individual product applications.



  • Have a deburring, finishing or parts cleaning problem? Give your ALMCO representative the challenge – you’ll be glad you did.
  • Take full advantage of free sample processing in our well equipped laboratories. ALMCO provides fast answers for processing your sample parts.


A word about process finishing compounds...

ALMCO cleaners and burnishing compounds are specifically formulated proprietary chemical blends of alkaline salts, wetting agents, chelating agents and rust inhibitors designed to remove contaminants or material in the most economical fashion.

The compounds are designed to keep both parts and media clean. They are also used to enhance the action of the media either by increasing the abrasive action for maximum rate of cut down or to assist in developing color and luster on component parts.

The ideal finishing process is not guess work. ALMCO’s years of experience will provide the most efficient process in cost of chemicals used and time required to finish per requirement.