150X Concentrated low temp. cleaner for ferrous metals. Imparts high color and brightness to ferrous metals. For use in vibratory and spindle equipment but works well in spray washers and agitating tanks. Rust inhibiting if not rinsed. Low foaming.
154X Heavy duty, caustic cleaner – descaler for ferrous metals. For use in barrel, vibratory, and spindle finish equipment. Rust inhibiting if not rinsed. For metals that cannot tolerate hydrogen embrittlement. Low foaming.
2210 Concentrated, moderately alkaline cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For use in barrel, spindle and vibratory equipment and parts washers.
2220 Strongly alkaline cleaner for ferrous metals. Leaves no film or residue. For use in barrel, spindle and vibiratory equipment and parts washers.
2230 Super concentrated alkaline cleaner for ferrous metals. For use with proportioning feeders, vibratory, spindle or barrel finishing equipment.
2240S Alkaline cleaner, rust inhibitor, all metals. Excellent with plastic media.
2250 Super concentrated alkaline cleaner, low temp., for cleaning and deburring of aluminum die casting. Excellent for parts washers.
2260D Alkaline cleaner, multi-purpose mass finishing compound cleans and colors in one operation. Works with all media in vibratory or barrel finishing equipment. Highly recommended for use with plastic medias.
4230 Alkaline cleaner/acid neutralizer for cleaning and degreasing ferrous metals in vibratory and barrel finishing equipment. Works well for rinsing, neutralizing acid operation and soils.
101A General purpose cleaning and burnishing, degreasing compound for all metals. Replaces alkaline cleaners.
2310 Highly concentrated burnishing compound for all metals. For use in barrel, spindle and vibratory finishing equipment.
2320 Super concentrated burnishing compound for all metals in vibratory equipment.
2330 Mildly alkaline general purpose burnishing compound for barrel, spindle and vibratory equipment. Produces high color & luster.
2350 Excellent cleaning and burnishing compound for all metals. Maintains effectiveness for longer cycle times.
4320 Burnishing compound for all metals in vibratory finishing equipment.
503R-1 General purpose rust inhibitor. Clear, leaves a dry film which need not be removed for plating or painting. Clear blue color
506R Highly concentrated rust inhibitor for use in surface grinding, barrel and vibratory deburring or rinse waters. Clear green color.
506RD Cleaner and rust inhibitor which can be used in various processes or finishing in barrel and vibratory equipment. Clear green color.
2420 Mildly alkaline liquid concentrate rust inhibitor for cast iron and polished parts. Provides temporary rust inhibition. Clear amber color.
15L Super concentrated multi-purpose organic acid cleaner, deburrs, descales,
destains, derusts and polishes in one step for all metals. Use only in lined
2510 Mildly acidic liquid burnishing compound for maximum color on copper, brass
and non-ferrous metals in barrel or vibratory equipment.
H10 Anti-foam emulsion can be used in a variety of industrial applications –
distillation, boiling systems, paper & printing, textiles, chemical scrubbing.
Controls foam in hot and cold aqueous systems. Contains 10% silicones.
308 Same as H10 - without silicones.