Anyone who’s owned a piece of ALMCO equipment knows that it’s built to last. But years of use can slowly wear down your equipment over time. If your machine is in need of some TLC, we encourage you to reach out to our team for on-site or in-house service and repair. We also provide a polyurethane strip and reline services for vibratory tubs and vibratory bowls.

Service That Stands Out

We provide service and repair for our entire product line, even for machines built over 30 years ago! By maintaining our machine records, we’re able to diagnose problems and identify the correct parts to get you back up and running quickly. We also offer equipment refurbishment and have ALMCO service technicians available should our customers desire assistance with installation, on-site repairs, or maintenance of their equipment.

We understand how important it is that we respond quickly to our customer’s needs for parts, media, and compound. Our extensive spare parts inventory allows for quick shipment of common replacement items by maintaining available stock of products for immediate release.

“With the current supply chain disruptions and shortages, keeping inventory in stock has become increasingly difficult. Our team is combating these challenges by extending our forecasting and by requesting products earlier to help offset the delays we are seeing,” said Jenna Ellingson, ALMCO Parts and Service Manager. “Should we run into delivery issues; we are looking for substitutions or exploring alternatives, whatever we can do to help keep our customer’s machines running.”

Bring Life Back to Your Worn Vibratory Tubs & Bowls

In addition to quality service and repairs, our team has been perfecting our polyurethane strip and reline process for over 50 years. Our strip and reline service offers customers a lower-cost alternative to purchasing a new fabrication tub by providing new linings to worn equipment. You can learn more about this process in the steps below.

Strip and Reline Process

  • Upon arrival to ALMCO, the customer’s tub is inspected for damage.
  • A proprietary process is used to remove the worn polyurethane lining.
  • The steel weldment is shot blasted to clean, stress relieve, and prepare the surface for a better bond with the new lining.
  • A second inspection is completed as it allows for better visibility of any cracks or thin/worn areas.
  • The tub is cleaned, phosphatized, and primed for the new lining application.
  • After installing a mold into the tub, the polyurethane is poured into the tub and cured to create the new lining.
  • The mold is removed, and a third inspection is completed
  • Lastly, the tub is painted before being ready for return to the customer.

Questions about our Service & Repair or curious about our vibratory tub and bowl strip and relining services? Contact our Parts & Service Manager, Jenna Ellingson at or call 507.377.4412.