Do you have a large part with tight tolerances that needs finishing?

Some parts just won’t fit into conventional finishing machines. Furthermore, without ample room and the right type of media, you end up with parts that need to be finished again and again. This is where our Sutton Centri-Flo Series shines.

ALMCO’s Sutton Centri-Flo machines are heavy-duty spindle-finishing pieces of equipment. They are designed for high production environments. These large part deburring machines are made to finish parts such as turbine disks, blisks, blades, and impellers – with the ability to handle other types of parts.

ALMCO offers 3 models of Sutton machines including the Centri-Flo (CF Series), Centri-Flo Tornado (CFT Series), and Centri-Flo Continuous Agitation (CFCA Series). These large part deburring machines differ in the movement of the tub and spindle.

Sutton finishing machines finish parts through the movement of the spindle. Parts rotate at a high speed and at various angles within the tub. In addition, the spindle can swing back and forth as it rotates, and it can stop during the cycle and change rotation direction. This motion allows the liquid and media to flow through the part’s features to blend surfaces and deburr edges.

To see these impressive machines work, watch this video and see why a Sutton machine may be right for you.