This employee spotlight features ALMCO’s experts for all things media and compound related, Kathy Carter, and Stephanie Eisenmenger.

Kathy Carter is an ALMCO VIP employee.

Kathy Carter

Kathy Carter is the Media & Compound Manager at ALMCO. She initially started working in Accounting/Sales and then switched to Sales full-time. Kathy is the go-to person for both colleagues and customers regarding media and compounds. She plans to retire at the end of this year after 41 years of dedication to the ALMCO team.

When asked what working for an employee-owned company means to her, she responded, “I think it gives you an incentive to go that extra step knowing that it benefits each of us.”

Kathy has 3 children and 5 grandsons. She loves going to estate sales and auctions and spending time with her family.

Stephanie Eisenmenger

Stephanie Eisenmenger was recently promoted to Media & Compound Sales after working as a Process Lab Technician in the ALMCO lab. She is currently being trained to take over Kathy’s role upon her retirement.

When asked what she enjoys most about her new job, she replied, “the variety of different tasks. Every day is something new and different, and I enjoy staying busy and helping customers.”

Stephanie has deep roots in Innovance – the parent company of ALMCO. Her husband, dad, and brother all work within the Innovance family of companies (ALMCO, Lou-Rich, Panels Plus, MFI) and her grandfather, Richard Ackland is a co-founder of Lou-Rich.

Stephanie has 2 boys, an 11-year-old, and a 1-year-old. In her free time, she enjoys going duck and deer hunting with her son, husband, and his family.

Learning the Ropes: ALMCO Media & Compound Sales

With Kathy retiring at the end of the year (December 30th to be exact), finding the right person to take over her role was an important undertaking. Stephanie was a natural fit, as she knew the ALMCO product line and spent a lot of time working with our media and compound when developing finishing processes for our customers as a Process Lab Technician.

“I was worried because I put a lot into this position and company. I wanted whoever took over my role to succeed in the position, but I couldn’t ask for a better person. Stephanie is catching on very quickly and will do a great job,” Kathy Carter, Media & Compound Manager stated.

As part of the retirement transition, Stephanie will be spending 3 months training with Kathy to learn the ropes. Both  Kathy and Stephanie joked, “it’ll be 3 months learning 41 years of knowledge!” Stephanie is currently in the learning stage and is familiarizing herself with all the various tasks and duties that make up the Media & Compound Sales position. During the last month of training, Stephanie will perform most of the duties and tasks on her own, with Kathy near to guide her.

Some of the duties Stephanie will take on in the Media & Compound Sales role include:

  • Being the go-to person for all media and compound questions
  • Giving media recommendations to customers
  • Sending quotations and taking customer orders
  • Entering orders into our operating system
  • Keeping track of inventory

Thank you, for 41 years!

Although Kathy is excited for her upcoming retirement, it’ll be bittersweet retiring on December 30th and she’ll miss her team, suppliers, and the customers she’s gotten to know over the years. “It’s been a pleasure to work with all the suppliers and employees here. That is something I’ll really miss, the relationships I’ve built over my last 41 years. “

Thank you, Kathy for all of your hard work and dedication to the ALMCO team these last 41 years! We wouldn’t be where we are at today without your vast knowledge and contributions to the team!