Inline Washer

Our inline conveyor washers are made of stainless steel and are capable of cleaning high-volume parts through a multistage process. A continuous belt feeds parts through the washing, rinsing, and drying chambers where contaminants are removed. The heavy-duty construction means no equipment downtime, making ALMCO the safe and reliable choice.

Adjustable spray nozzles offer 360-degree parts coverage, and the blow-off chamber contains a powerful air blower that removes residual water. This top to bottom coverage, in addition to the chemistry, makes it possible to get 100% completely clean parts. Rust inhibitor chambers are also available to ensure parts remain rust free.

Regional Sales Manager, Tyler Jorgenson describes the inline conveyor washer process as being like an automatic car wash. Tyler states, “Our belt washers are like car washes for parts. They move the parts through stages at a continuous rate and once they are in the machine, the operator will not have to touch them again until they are clean and dry.”

These industrial washers have found homes in agriculture, automotive, aerospace, die casting, medical, machine shops, munitions, and military industries.

This washer can be customized to match your exact application.


  • Multi-process stages customized for your application
  • Variable speed, stainless steel system
  • Removable chip tray in wash
  • 360-degree adjustable spray nozzles
  • Temperature regulated wash and rinse tanks
  • Automatic water and compound replenishment


  • Insulated wash and rinse tanks
  • Temperature regulated blow-off and air knives
  • Vapor exhaust system
  • Stainless steel filtration units
  • Oil skimmer or coalescer
  • Variety of belt widths and materials
  • Most common belt sizes: 12”, 18”, 24” (wider, custom options are available)
  • Touch screen controls
  • UL 508A electrical controls

Learn more about inline conveyor washers on our website, or contact our team with any questions you may have.