Have you utilized ALMCO’s free parts processing service? If you have sent us parts in the past, did you know you can always have parts tested for any new projects you have with no cost or obligation? Whether you’re looking to deburr, polish, tumble, wash, dry, or a combination of these results, ALMCO offers a variety of industrial finishing processes that will help your organization achieve your project goals.

ALMCO has been refining and improving our finishing processes and equipment for over 75 years, and during this time we have seen just about everything. We understand that choosing the correct finishing equipment and method can be a challenge. That’s why we offer free parts processing to find the right finishing process for your specific application.

Our process lab utilizes Millipore testing, contact surface profile measuring, as well as a Hirox Digital microscope capable of providing 3-D imaging and edge-break and radius measuring, just to name a few capabilities.

Determining the Correct Process

Once we have your parts in-house, we’ll determine what type of media and processing times it will take to get your desired finish. We’ll also provide a detailed lab report within 2 weeks of receiving your parts. After the correct recipe for your application is developed, one of our Regional Sales Managers will work with you to provide an equipment quote that fits your specific finishing needs.

When using the recommended finishing formula of ALMCO equipment, media, and compound; ALMCO guarantees the industrial finishing solution that was created and proved in our process lab for your parts will yield the same results in your manufacturing facility.

Let us show you what we can do for your finishing operation. Contact us today for free sample processing and to discuss your project with our team.