Are you looking for high-quality finishing or washing equipment that’s ready to ship? Look no further than ALMCO. We have machines in our warehouse available for purchase. Whether you need to deburr delicate parts or wash heavy-duty components, our in-stock equipment has got you covered.

Available equipment includes:

  1. (1) Refurbished Rotary Cabinet-Style Parts Washer – RCW-72E
  2. (2) Round Bowl Vibratory Finishing Machines – OR-5V

Refurbished Rotary Cabinet Parts Washer: RCW-72E (1 available)

The ALMCO RCW-72E Cabinet-Style Parts Washer is a powerful rotary cabinet washer constructed of stainless steel with upgraded electrical controls. It features a front swing door that opens 180-degrees, allowing for easy loading of parts by hand or via hoist onto the turntable. The turntable has a capacity of up to 4000 pounds and rotates to expose all part sides to the spray nozzles.

With a work opening size of 72″ x 36″ and 360-degree spray coverage, this Rotary Cabinet Washer can handle an incredibly high variety of applications. The machine also has:

  • Wash tank and pump
  • Blow-off and exhaust system
  • Electric heat for wash tank
  • Low level float switch in wash tank
  • Hydrominder (water/solution make-up system)

Wiring for the machine is 480 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, and full-load current draw is 90 amps.

Vibratory Round Bowl Finishing Machine: OR-5V (2 available)

The OR-5V Round Bowl Vibratory Finishing Machine is a deburring machine that can be used with plastic or ceramic media. Its curved polyurethane-lined bowl keeps parts immersed in mass to give either gentle or aggressive deburring, while the urethane drain plates and constant spray system keeps parts clean while rotating in the bowl. The OR-5V is perfect for batch processing delicate or aggressive deburring jobs. The machine is intended to be manually loaded and unloaded, and parts are loaded and unloaded from the rotating mass without stopping the machine.

  • Overall Dimensions: 57 x 45 x 40’’
  • Diameter: 44-1/2″
  • Channel cross-section: 10″
  • Tub working capacity: 5 cubic feet (approx.)
  • Drive HP: 3

For more information about our in-stock equipment or any other finishing equipment we carry, visit our website at or contact a member of our team directly at or by phone at 507.377.2102.