Key Criteria in Selecting the Right Industrial Parts Washing Equipment

6 Critical Considerations & An Overview of 4 Equipment Segments

You have a manufactured part, or series of parts that needs to be effectively and efficiently cleaned, so how hard can that be right? Well, as it turns out, getting the very best solution for your specific application can be quite challenging. More often today, leaders in operations and engineering are being asked to evaluate and purchase equipment that they have never had to in the past. Gaining the confidence to make a good business decision from an overwhelming amount of online information can be tough.

In this 10-page white paper, you will find the following information.

  • The 6 critical items to consider leading to the best equipment selection
  • An overview of the 4 main types of Industrial Parts Washers
  • Anticipated cycle times, and application overviews
  • Average Return on Investment expectations
  • Side-by-side equipment type comparisons
  • Information on wash and dry process stages

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