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ALMCO has been in business for over 75 years manufacturing quality industrial parts washers, industrial deburring, polishing, and tumbling equipment. In addition to a robust line of standard products, ALMCO will also design and manufacture custom equipment to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

Our equipment is proudly made in the USA and serves a wide variety of industries. Leading companies within the automotive, aerospace, medical, ammunition, construction, and fastener industries, trust us to be their source for high-quality equipment, vibratory media, and on-going service.

Key Criteria in Selecting the Right Industrial Parts Washing Equipment

Today’s leaders in operations and engineering are being asked to evaluate and purchase equipment that they’ve never had to in the past. If you have a manufactured part, or series of parts that need to be effectively and efficiently cleaned, ALMCO offers a 10-page whitepaper that gives 6 critical considerations & an overview of 4 equipment segments. Click the download button and get the confidence you need to make the best business decision from an overwhelming amount of online information.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Any Industrial Parts Finishing Equipment

Selecting the right industrial parts finishing equipment can be a complicated process. Explore the finishing options available with the industry with our white paper: What You Need To Know Before Buying Any Industrial Parts Finishing Equipment.



Wide variety of standard & custom equipment.


Tumbling media for specialized finishing applications.


Both powdered and liquid compounds for specialized finishing applications.


Process Lab, Service & Repair, and Equipment Design Services.


Choosing the correct industrial finishing equipment and method can be a complex challenge to solve.  It involves many factors including the machine type, the media and compound used, cycle times, and more. ALMCO has been refining and improving our finishing processes and equipment for over 75 years, and during this time we have seen just about everything. That is why we are confident with our finishing processes and we can make this guarantee.

When using the recommended finishing formula of ALMCO equipment, media, and compound; ALMCO guarantees the industrial finishing solution that was created and proved in our process lab for your parts will yield the same results in your manufacturing facility.

For no cost or obligation to you, ALMCO offers:

  • Sample parts testing and process development in our lab.
  • Parts are returned with a detailed lab report within 2 weeks of arrival.
  • With purchase of recommended equipment, media, and compound; ALMCO process results are guaranteed.

ALMCO offers a variety of industrial finishing processes. A few processes we provide include:

Deburring & Polishing: This finishing process consists of placing media, finishing compound, and parts into a vibratory tub or bowl. The vibration causes the parts and media to rub together, which results in the removal of burrs and can also create a polished product.

Tumbling: During this finishing process, a barrel finishing machine processes parts by tumbling media, and liquid finishing compound. The tumbling action inside the barrel deburrs the parts as the top section of media continuously slides down the incline created from the barrel rotation.

Industrial Parts Washing & Drying: Depending on the model selected, contamination is removed from the part surface by washing, rinsing, and drying by using either a conveyor, cabinet, immersion, or rotary drum washer.


Located in Minnesota, USA, our organization is 100% employee-owned. Our team is passionate, knowledgeable, and absolute experts at what they do. Our organization has been providing tailored solutions and a team approach for our customers since 1946. American Made – Employee Owned.






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